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November 12, 2008

Puzzle #71: “Toil and Trouble”

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“As is frequently pointed out by the critics, Macbeth was probably written in haste. No one knows why Shakespeare was in a hurry, unless he was nauseated by all the bloodshed. At any rate this explains the unusually large number of tragic flaws in the play.

-Richard Armour, Twisted Tales from Shakespeare

As we all know, this is November, and the time for witches is past.   However, there’s always time for our favorite trio of weird sisters, so this week we serve up a tasty brew of etymological excess straight from the cruciverbalist’s cauldron.  A cursed good time should be had by all.  (The purists among us may note, upon working the puzzle, that only the title is even vaguely related to The Scottish Play.  This is true, but it still gives me something to blather about in this introduction, which is really all the excuse I need.)

Title: Toil and Trouble
Difficulty: Thursday
Download: Across Lite or printable PNG (w/ solution)

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