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Puzzle #21: “High Hopes”

Posted by on 28th November 2007

He’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
He’s got high apple pie-in-the-sky hopes
So, any time you’re gettin’ low, ‘stead of lettin’ go, just remember that ant
Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant.

— Sammy Cahn

Puzzle #21Well, it’s Wednesday again, and like that rubber tree, we’re bouncing back with another free crossword puzzle.  Our team of ace reviewers has rated this one as having a Tuesday/Wednesday difficulty level, so it should be accessible to most casual solvers as well as the seasoned veterans in the audience.

Download it your favorite format — Across Lite for online solving, or a PNG image for simple printing.  Either way, we have high hopes that you’ll enjoy this one.

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Puzzle #20: “Stop. Pay Troll.”

Posted by on 21st November 2007

Puzzle #20“And what”, you might ask, “do you have for us this week?”  Well, we’re glad that you asked.  What we’ve got is 36 black squares, 189 white squares, and 76 clues — all artfully arranged in such a way as to maximize your solving pleasure.  “But you just described an ordinary crossword puzzle, right?”  Well, perhaps, but I could just as easily be describing a most excellent crossword puzzle.  You get to decide for yourself which one this is.  Once you figure it out, feel free to let us know.  The comment section is always open.

You can download the full complement of black squares, white squares and clues in either of two formats.  If you  go for the Across Lite format, you even get answers to go with it.  If you opt for the printable PNG image, you’ll just have to rough it.

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Puzzle #19: “The Work of the Weavers”

Posted by on 13th November 2007

If it wasn’a for the weavers, what would ye do?
Ye wouldn’a hae a cloth that’s made o’ wool.
Ye wouldn’a hae a coat o’ the black or the blue,
If it wasn’a for the work o’ the weavers.


Puzzle #19This puzzle is in honor of my (soon to be) favorite Pittsburgh area yarn and knitting shop, Natural Stitches, which will most likely be opening its doors this Saturday, November 17. (Contrary to the title of the puzzle, the shop does not provide weaving supplies, but provides most everything else you might want “to feed your fiber fantasies”.) It also goes out to the various knitting, weaving, crocheting and other fiber arts blogs that provide such an active voice in the greater blogosphere. Hopefully y’all will find it interesting. For my regular audience, you’ll find that all the usual guarantees apply: this is a full, classic, themed puzzle in the NYT style, with roughly a Monday/Tuesday difficulty level.

The puzzle is available in two easy to use downloadable forms: as an Across Lite file, or as a printable PNG image. Take your pick, click, and enjoy.

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Puzzle #18: “Delerium Tremens”

Posted by on 7th November 2007

This weeks puzzle is another easy Tuesday-level challenge, with a clean theme and a relatively simple grid and cluing to go with it. However, you’ll still get a lively selection of vocabulary — no roman numerals or three-toed-sloths here ¹ — and a variety of clues you haven’t encountered before.   Take your pick of formats: you can get it as an Across Lite file or as a printable PNG image.  However you choose to consume it, happy solving, and watch out for the pink elephants.

¹ Apologies to any unau fans in the audience. Perhaps our arboreal friend can make an appearance in a forthcoming puzzle, but only by special invitation.

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