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Puzzle #138: “The Wrath of….”

Posted by on March 18th, 2010

What’s that you say? Saint Patrick’s Day? Green Beer? Erin’s gold bra? Sorry, boyo, this ain’t no parade — it’s a crossword. We considered giving you your annual dose of hearts, stars, moons, clovers, horseshoes, klein bottles, and whatever else that danged leprechaun is lacing our cereal with these days, but we decided that by the time this puzzle came out you’d have already had your fill and would be nursing the hangover. Thus, this puzzle is almost entirely Irish-free, though we did let a few Scotsmen wander through to provide some local color.

Title: The Wrath of….
Difficulty: Wednesday
Download: Across Lite or printable PNG (w/ solution)

2 Responses to “Puzzle #138: “The Wrath of….””

  1. DDancer Says:


    Thanks for the lovely color commentary.

  2. keeper Says:

    This puzzle was brought to you by the color “tartan” — official school color of Carnegie-Mellon.