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Puzzle #56: “To Continue….”

Posted by on July 29th, 2008

Puzzle #56Title: “To Continue….”
Difficulty: Wednesday/Thursday
DownloadAcross Lite or Printable PNG image

As you can see, it is once again Wednesday, and I am once again left with an excellent puzzle and nothing much to say about it.  Thus, I am moved to experiment with the bare bones format above.  I will try this for a few weeks and see if it gleans approval or rotten tomatos, and make adjustments from there.

2 Responses to “Puzzle #56: “To Continue….””

  1. Kizz Says:

    Do you post the answers anywhere?

  2. keeper Says:

    I haven’t generally bothered including explicit solution keys, since nobody has asked for them. You can, of course, find the answers via the Across Lite version — “reveal solution” works just fine. However, if there is interest, I can also start including PNG solution keys as well as PNG puzzles. For example, here is one for this week’s puzzle.