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Puzzle #17: “Halloween Formal”

Posted by on October 31st, 2007

You might not have noticed without my reminder, but Halloween falls on October 31st this year, so we’re celebrating by giving you a special Halloween crossword puzzle.  It’s a party, and we invite you to pull out your best fancy cape and buy your mummy a new mink wrap because it is strictly a formal affair.  (If you are in doubt about proper Halloween decorum, we invite you to check out Miss Manners’ Guide to Correctly Excruciating Behavior.)

This crossword is a fully themed Times-style puzzle, stuffed chock-full of holiday goodness, and has been graded at roughly at Wednesday/Thursday level of difficulty.  You can download it in Across Lite format, or as a printable PNG image.

Update: several people have asked for an answer key for this puzzle, and I’m happy to oblige.  You can download it here.