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Puzzle #114: “A View to a Keel: The Pirate Puzzle, Episode III”

Posted by on September 17th, 2009

Ahoy, mateys. In case ye be forgettin’, September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Like always, we beekeepers bee celebratin’ with the rest of the scurvy crew, by givin’ ye a special pirate themed crossword puzzle. Now, if ye be sailin’ in from foreign ports, ye should take heed — this be no lily-livered classroom puzzle. This be a fearsome barrage of crossed words such as ye’d find in yer favorite newspaper, if’n ye weren’t using it to line yer parrot’s cage. So take a plunge in to the sea of piratical puzzling and see if ye have what it takes to swim with the sharks.

If ye be hankering to sample our other forays into these treacherous waters, chart yer course to “Talk Like a Pirate” and “The Pirate’s Revenge”.

Title: A View to a Keel: The Pirate Puzzle, Episode III
Difficulty: Wednesday
Download: Across Lite or printable PNG (w/ solution)

2 Responses to “Puzzle #114: “A View to a Keel: The Pirate Puzzle, Episode III””

  1. Tuning Spork Says:

    Ah, nuthin’ like a good pirate puzzle. But, shiver me timbers, I thought for sure 30-Across would be ARR.

    And I believe the clue for 16-A should read “Exclamations of discovery” and 38-D should read “One who makes moans”. The last letters of each seem to have walked the plank.

  2. keeper Says:

    Tuning Spork: Ye’re keepin’ a weather eye for problems, and we always be appreciatin’ that. 38-D be no mistake — ’tis simply an obscure idiom and we swashbucklin’ puzzlers live for obscurity. However, 16-A be a dark business indeed. ‘Twas a typo for true and fair — ye may rest assured that our galley staff will be denied their daily portion of grog, an’ that the puzzle itself has been whipped into shape.