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Crossword #98: “Down the Drain”

Posted by on May 27th, 2009

This puzzle is another split-level special — Wednesday-level theme; Thursday-level vocabulary; and Friday-level clues. If you don’t *want* Friday-level clues, check down below — we still have a “reduced difficulty” version available which knocks the clues back down to Wednesday-level. (You still get the Thursday vocabulary, of course, but that just makes it more fun.)

Title: Down the Drain
Difficulty (hard): Friday
Download (hard): Across Lite or printable PNG (w/ solution)
Difficulty (easy): Wednesday
Download (easy): Across Lite or printable PNG

2 Responses to “Crossword #98: “Down the Drain””

  1. Making Crossword Puzzles DugInto | DugInto Says:

    […] Free Crossword Puzzle #98: "Down the Drain" | Beekeeper Crosswords […]

  2. Leslieann Says:

    You mean “soldiers,” don’t you? Not “soliders.” What are those?!
    I submitted a comment to you before about checking your spelling or proofreading, or both. Please do that! Thank you.