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Puzzle #34: “Is That Your Final…?”

Posted by on February 27th, 2008

Puzzle #34Welcome back once again, for our next installment of “Who Wants a Free Crossword Puzzle?” Since you made it here, we’ll assume you’re a contestant and hand you your prize. (Yes, it’s one of these contests. “Everyone’s a winner!”) This puzzle has been reviewed by our panel of judges, laundered, corrected, and returned with that fresh lemony scent that we love so well. It has also been awarded a rating of “Tuesday” on the classic New York Times scale, so it may prove to be fairly accessible to newcomers, timid souls, and particularly bright house-pets. (Mr. Ed swears he got through it in seven minutes in pen, but I’ve got my doubts.)

As usual, it’s available in multiple formats: minty, fresh Across Lite or a bold, tingly PNG image. Take your pick, and happy solving.