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Puzzle #25: “Wrap It Up”

Posted by on December 26th, 2007

Puzzle #24Okay, it’s mostly over.  You’ve set up the tree, lit the candles, aired your grievances, and opened the packages.  But now Christmas, Hanukkah, and Festivus have ended.  (For those celebrating other holidays, I ask that you make appropriate adjustments.  If you’re celebrating Kwanzaa, this message will still be waiting for you in a week.  I apologize to you for the timing.) However, now it’s Wednesday, and that means you get to open up a new crossword puzzle.

Even if we’re running a bit late, we’ve tried to keep a bit of a holiday theme with this puzzle, so keep your eyes open.  Quite possibly you will find that the difficulty level is that of a Wednesday NYT puzzle, but our trusted team of reviewers all fell asleep over their figgy pudding, so  there is no official rating on the puzzle.  Regardless, you can definitely download it in either of two formats:  as an Across Lite file or as a printable PNG image.  Happy holidays and pleasant solving to you all.