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Puzzle #8: “With Cat-Like Tread”

Posted by on 29th August 2007

Puzzle #8In last week’s free crossword (“In His Shoes“), we gave you a Thursday-style theme, packed into a Tuesday level of difficulty (as measured on the venerable New York Times scale).  In the interests of mixing things up, this week’s puzzle gives you the sort of theme you might expect on a Tuesday, but keeps the interest level up by packing a lot of extra ELAN and BRIO into the non-theme entries.  The net result is a puzzle that tests out around a Thursday level of difficulty.  I had a lot of fun with this one, and I think that you will too.

As always you have the option of grabbing the puzzle in Across Lite format — get the software here — or as a printable PNG image.

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Puzzle #7: “In His Shoes”

Posted by on 22nd August 2007

Puzzle #7: This week’s offering is another light-‘n-lively puzzle, with a typically Thursday-style theme tucked into a Tuesday/Wednesday level of difficulty. (BTW, I’d still love to hear comments about whether I’m accurately rating these crosswords, and whether you’d like to see them be easier or harder. You can comment directly here — I don’t mind public criticism — or send me private email at

Download it in your choice of formats: Across Lite or a printable PNG image.

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Puzzle #6: “Say What….?”

Posted by on 15th August 2007

This week’s free crossword has a bit of extra pizazz to it. Inspired by a discussion by the folks at — a wonderful site — I decided to make a puzzle with full (90°) rotational symmetry rather than the standard (180°) symmetry. This doesn’t affect you as a solver much, but it does make the grid a little bit prettier, and that’s always a nice thing. Don’t worry — the puzzle is still strongly themed, if a bit easier than many you’ll find here. (I’d put it as a Tuesday/Wednesday on the NYT scale.)

As usual, you have your choice of Across Lite format or printable PNG image, and (also as usual) I welcome any comments you might have on the puzzle.

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Puzzle #5: “Bail Out”

Posted by on 8th August 2007

Puzzle #5 thumbnailOur newest crossword puzzle boasts a slightly tricky theme and a fairly forgiving (but hopefully not dull) grid and clues.  Put them together, and the difficulty level of this puzzle probably comes in between a NYT Wednesday and Thursday.  Choose the appropriate link to download in your favorite format: Across Lite or PNG.

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Puzzle #4: “True/False Test”

Posted by on 1st August 2007

Puzzle #4: Our fourth free crossword puzzle marks a return to normalcy. This is a classic themed puzzle, which should be roughly as difficult as a Wednesday New York Times puzzle.

You have your choice of downloading it in Across Lite format (solution included) or as a PNG image. If there are other formats that you would like to see, drop me a line and we can probably add them.

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