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Puzzle #3: “For Geeks Only”

Posted by on July 25th, 2007

Puzzle #3 thumbnailOur third free crossword puzzle is a little bit different than the previous two.  It’s still a traditional themed crossword puzzle, and still aims to meet all the standard you’d expect from a professional publication.  However, it’s theme and clues are primarily oriented to appeal to computer/web geeks.  For these folks, the puzzle should be as easy as a standard Tuesday or Wednesday NYT puzzle.  Non-geek solvers should still be able to handle it without too much more difficulty, but it may be closer to Wednesday/Thursday and the theme might not make much sense.

As always, the puzzle is available in both Across Lite format and as a printable PNG file.

Readers are encouraged to let me know what they think of this style of specialized puzzle.  I probably won’t do them too often, but if I get reasonable feedback, I may revive them occasionally.

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