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KnotWize Info

KnotWize is an interactive editor for creating complex celtic knotwork designs. It uses many of the same techniques used in traditional illuminated manuscripts, but applies the power of your computer to achieve sophisticated designs in seconds rather than hours. (For ideas and examples, check out the sample page.)

Start creating knots by simply clicking and dragging in the grid. This will create "walls" which subdivide the knotwork, and force it to bend into interesting patterns. (If you don't like the effect of a wall you created, you can SHIFT-drag to erase it.) Create open frames or non-rectangular shapes by clicking the BLOCK icon and dragging out empty spaces in the grid.

Use the other icons in the toolbar to further customize the appearance of your personal knotwork design:


  1. I don't see anything that looks like celtic knotwork.  Why are you jerking me around?
    This interactive application relies upon Javascript and Java 1.5 or better.  It should run on any browser which has these enabled, but we haven't been able to test all environments.  If you believe your configuration meets these requirements and you still don't see a functional knotwork editor, we want to hear about your setup so that we can find and fix the problem.  See (4) below for info on how to contact us.
  2. What's up with the  "Reflect" checkboxes?
    Typically, your knotwork will  look best if it is completely symmetric.  Thus, the editor creates four wall for every one you explicitly create -- a horizontal reflection, a vertical reflection, and then a horizontal reflection of the vertical reflection.  However, there are a few cases in which you might wish to have only partial symmetry -- such as when creating celtic crosses -- or no symmetry at all.  In these cases, you can turn off the creation of reflected walls by unchecking the appropriate checkboxes.  
  3. What am I allowed to do with the images I create here?
    You can do absolutely anything you like.  Whether or not  the images might be considered "derived works" of  the software or its built-in graphics, we explicitly grant you full rights to the  output patterns that you create.  We'd be grateful if you pointed folks to this site so that they can create their own, but you aren't obliged to.  The software itself is, of course, still copyrighted by Beekeeper Labs and we do not relinquish any rights to the code or the static contents of this page.
  4. Can I contact you with suggestions, criticisms, or effusive praise?
    As long as you are not a spammer, we welcome any and all mail that you care to send.  We can be reached via
  5. These instructions are too confusing, and the FAQ doesn't answer my question.
    Well, that isn't actually a question, but we'll reply to it anyway.  This site is still fairly new, and we haven't anticipated all of your concerns.  Luckily, we will be reading all of the e-mail that you send to the address given in (4) above, and we'll improve the instructions or the FAQ as needed.