Beekeeper Labs KnotWize

Celtic Knot Sampler

This page contains just a small sampling of the sorts of Celtic Knots you can produce with the KnotWize editor. All of these designs were produced in just a few minutes using KnotWize. The only post-processing that was performed was the addition of backgrounds and, in one case, a classic Monet painting. You may freely use any of these designs, for any purpose, but better yet would be to use KnotWize to produce equivalent or better designs in precisely the color schemes you prefer.

Simple Square

Knotwork Square This is about as simple as it gets. It's a 7x7 grid using the default colors and pattern. I just started adding and subtracting lines till it looked good to me. If you care about such things, you can check and see that the knot has top-bottom symmetry, left-right symmetry, and is a single continuous strand -- which always seems to be a nice touch. (Click through on the image to see a full-sized version.)


Knotwork Diamond This more advanced example uses the "empty block" capability to trim away some edges and produce a diamond instead of a rectangle. It also uses the "dueling pipes"pattern in a custom color scheme instead of the default green pipe. Beyond that, the construction was still simple. Just add walls to taste and enjoy the result. (To really appreciate the quality of the rendering, you should click through to the full-sized image.)

Picture Frame

Knotwork Frame This example uses a double-stranded rectangle to act as a frame for a classic piece of artwork ("Seascape: Storm" by Claude Monet). The pattern was kept simple ("flat"), and the colors were chosen to match those present in the framed image. The actual knots include various samples of two-strand techniques used in classic celtic illumination.


Knotwork Divider

This example uses a triple stranded strip of knotwork to produce a design suitable for a page divider, margin illustration, or bookmark. The pattern used is "fiesta", and it once again provides an example of a complex knot which comprises just a single strand.