Android Apps

We currently have eight applications for android-based phones, such as the Droid, Evo, and Galaxy S. These include 2 home-screen widgets; a spreadsheet/DB viewer; a wallpaper (screen background) changer; two utilities for managing ringtones; a genealogy program; and a specialized shopping program for knitters.
Screen shot Data Bee provides fast, easy viewing for a wide variety of traditional spread-sheet/database data through the universal CSV data format. Because it is specifically designed around the limitations of your phone's display, it will always try to show you enough data to quickly find the information you want, while giving you easy access to the full data record for any entry of interest.

Another important aspect of Data Bee is its speed, scalability, and compactness. While other programs may struggle with a simple 1-2 megabyte file, or take 10-30 seconds to load it, Data Bee will load almost any size file in just a few seconds, and won't demand huge amounts of your phone's memory in the process.

Whether you have the full or "lite" version of Data Bee, you can configure a file's display to suit your needs and desires. However, with the full version, you can also count on Data Bee to remember these configurations across sessions so that you can always see exactly what you need with no extra set-up time.

The full version provides complete editing capabilities, with the ability to add, remove, or change any entry in the file "on the fly". It can be purchased for (US $4.99) -- from your device or from your pc.

The "lite" version (PC link here) , which doesn't edit files or save configurations between sessions, is available for free -- scan the second QR-code to fetch it.

Screen shot Family Bee is a full-featured robust family tree browser. It allows you to view information about families and individuals stored in GEDCOM genealogy files.

Whether you family is large or small, you can carry it with you on your phone. Your GEDCOM files are stored on your SD card, and the system has been tested to provide solid performance on files up to 12 megabytes (32,000 names). Our reader fully understands the industry standard GEDCOM 5.5 format, and supports all official character encodings: ANSEL, ASCII, UTF-8, and UNICODE.

Family Bee lets you store an unlimited number of trees; supports fast searches over the individuals in the trees; and provides specialized views of families, individuals, "pedigree" trees, and descendents. All facts, events, notes, and sources are at your fingertips.

Documentation is available on-line.

You can purchase it (US $10.00), from your device or from your PC. (If you are unable to purchase software from the Android Market, you can instead go to the " mall". Note that you will have to install the mall client from the store's website before you will be able to install your purchased App.)

Screen shot Ring Commander is designed to let you take control of all of the (non-DRM) sounds on your phone. It will let you

It isn't a ringtone creator or downloader. There are already lots of those out there. Ring Commander is here to clean up the mess they've left all over your phone.

You can purchase it (US $0.99), from your device or from your PC.

Screen shot Bee Widgets is a single app providing a matched set of single-cell widgets with the following capabilities:

This app is free, and has been tested to place a minimal load on your phone -- it won't place an undue burden on your battery, your bandwidth, or your memory.

You can download it, from your device or from your PC.

Screen shot Yarn Shopper: for knit and crochet fanatics only. This app helps you see how many skeins of yarn you'll need and how much you'll pay for your project.

Ships with a built-in list of top yarns in each weight category, but lets you add and edit your own yarn descriptions as well.

You can download it, from your device or from your PC.

An "elite key" may also be purchased (US $1.50). This extends the functionality of your existing Yarn Shopper by disabling all ads and adding a bit of yarn-theming to your display.

Window Paper is a simple App which runs in the background and loads a new wallpaper (home page background) at intervals you specify (typically every 20-60 minutes). Images are loaded from a webcam that you specify. If you see an image you particularly like, you can save it for posterity.

This App should be considered to be a "hobbyist" app. Because of legal issues with deep linking, it does not ship with a built-in list of webcams, and thus you will have to find a good one on your own. (We do, of course, include some handy hints on finding some, and very precise instructions on how to set things up once you get a good one.)

You can download it from your device or from your PC.

Ring Remover: This is a very simple application that does one simple thing. If you've ever hit "Use as phone ringtone" in the music player by accident (or intentionally) you probably had trouble removing the tune from the ringtone list.

This app lets you do that, safely and easily. No more, no less. It is, in brief, a fix for missing functionality in the operating system.

Note that this is not a general ringtone manager. (That would be "Ring Commander", described above.) If you have custom downloaded ringtones, they will not appear as "deleteable". Only music files which have been turned into ringtones via the music player will appear in the deleteable list.

You can download it, from your device or from your PC